Mt. Elbrus in Russia

Why Elbrus?  Well, it is one of the 7 summits but truth be told I am a hiker by heart.  My fear of heights is still there and if I were to climb and be technical at it, then that would mean some serious training.  I always wanted to go to Russia but entering the country is not so easy.  The only way is through an organized trip.  I’m really not into the sightseeing and the other options would be to do Altai or Kamchatka.  Altai in Mongolia blew me away so I think going to Russia’s version of it is risky.  Kamchatka is still on my list but I hear the weather is very finicky and the place is a bit pricier than I would like.  Elbrus is high and appears to be more technical than what I’m accustomed to; yet not that technically so it seems.  I figured this is a way for me to train for Nepal’s GHT which also has technical aspects to it.  But also, in any event, there is the Russian spa to enjoy in the end.  So, it’s set for that reason.

Brown Gal Trekker is a nomad at heart who survives the mountains to inspire others to trek them.