Kilimanjaro Part 2 (Northern Circuit)

I almost died the first time I made an attempt to go up Kilimanjaro. That was about 7-8 years ago.  What makes someone so passionate, I suppose, is the the stubborn will to do it once again.  At 15,000 feet, I hardly could move.  I couldn’t lift a fork to feed myself that night at Kibo Hut – the very last stop before we had to summit.  In any event, the story ended well as I was rescued via being put on a home-made stretcher and carried down the mountain by the locals.  That was one of the most nauseating rides ever but once I reached the hut lower down below, the sickness went away quickly.  And all I could think about was to summit again!

But hold that thought because altitude can trick you that way.  If there’s a second time, then it’ll have to be after a few years.  I suffered from the symptoms of pulmonary edema, I was told.  Despite that level of danger, I will be hiking up again Kili soon enough – February, 2017.  This time I’m ditching Marangu route which affords only 2.5 days to summit.  I’m making it this time via the longer route of Northern Circuit.  Stay tuned.

If you wish to join me, spaces are still open and you can book via Peak Explorations.  Check out the trip HERE.

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