There are few things on my list which will continue to grow.  Ready to hear it?  I know my parents hate to know what I do on my spare time so they stopped asking but here goes.

  1. K2 Base Camp in Pakistan.
  2. Indian Himalayas – Ladakh, Kashmi, Sikkim, among so many others.
  3. Mt. Elbrus
  4. Kyrgyzstan
  5. Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan
  6. Peaks of the Balkans (Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro)
  7. Kamchatka in Russia
  8. Codillera Blanca in Peru
  9. Cordillera Real in Bolivia
  10. Cocuy National Park in Colombia
  11. Cotopaxi in Ecuador
  12. Kilimanjaro (part 2)

Brown Gal Trekker is a nomad at heart who survives the mountains to inspire others to trek them.