V-Podcast Series: On My Way! From a Lawyer to a Mountain Nomad

Do you wish to quit your career and change shifts? Have an off the beaten path kind of dream? It’s never too late to change paths.

Marinel (Brown Gal Trekker) starts on her journey towards retiring from her 14 year career as a lawyer to become a mountain nomad and run her mountain trekking/adventure travel social enterprise, Peak Explorations. She plans to go full time as a nomad in August, 2018 at which time the podcast/vlog series will end to launch her into the world of a nomadic lifestyle.

Tune in via YOUTUBE (subscribe HERE) every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month for her ongoing updates on her journey to becoming a nomad including her reasons for the decision to make this shift in her life, the steps she’s taking, her future plans as a nomad, challenges, joys, ups and downs of the process to get to an off the beaten dream plus featured guests to inspire her to forge ahead.  If you’re planning to quit the 9 to 5 and go for your dream as an entrepreneur or a nomad, Brown Gal Trekker would love to hear from you!


Episode 1: Should I Stay or Should I Go?  Reasons to Leave My Career

Episode 2: What Am I Afraid Of? Solitude

For more inspiration, check out her article, She Becomes a Judge, I Become a Mountain Nomad.


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20 thoughts on “V-Podcast Series: On My Way! From a Lawyer to a Mountain Nomad”

  1. That is a HUGE change — to go from working as a lawyer to become a mountain trekker. But you know, life is too short to not live your dreams. Power to you!

  2. Congratulations! This is such a courageous decision. I left my 9-to-5 job years ago and switched to digital nomad lifestyle. Arguably, it was the best decision I ever made in my life. Good luck with your new enterprise. Looking forward reading, watching, listening about your adventures. Cheers!

  3. That’s wonderful to know. You have taken a big step towards your passion and I wish you all the success.
    The cover itself looks quite tempting.

  4. That’s a big step and so great to know you’re planning it out so well. Still over a year to go. Wish you all the best in pursuing your dream. I’m curious to know what the youtube updates will contain!

    1. Thank you – the updates will be on my efforts to get to my goal of running my enterprise fully. I’m also wanting to inspire readers so I’ll be talking about ways to address fears and limiting beliefs..etc… and have guests to talk about their leap.

  5. Watched your v-podcast and subscribed to your YouTube channel 🙂 It’s really brave of you to change paths & chase your dream to becoming a mountain nomad, and I admire you for that. I totally agree with what you said that if you have a calling, embrace it, because it’ll take you where you want to be as a person.

    1. Thanks Mike! It’s very scary indeed. It makes my first interview for a law job a piece of cake – haha. Appreciate the support. I hope you can tune in.

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