My Favorite Local Hike: Seneca Creek & Spruce Knob, WV

If you ever manage to spend time in the D.C. area, you’ll soon realize that there’s a large hiking community in the region.  There are options from easy to strenuous hikes and multi-day backpacking trips.  I have had the pleasure to experience the region as my training ground for my overseas trekking adventures.

In West Virginia, one is lucky to enjoy the fall colors in the autumn season although hiking is ideal anytime of the year.  I often organize groups to do overnight backpacking and/or camping & day hiking in the Seneca Creek & Spruce Knob area of the state.  Spruce Knob happens to be the highest point of WV and easily visited by car.   

However, the magic of nature is best experienced by foot.  Some of the best trails including the Seneca Creek which provides a remarkable display of waterfalls along the trail. You can easily combine this trail with the High Meadows, Alleghany or the Lumberjack trail which will then take you up to the highest point of the state, Spruce Knob. 

To learn more about trail options, you can check Hiking Upward website.

The experience is best told through visuals so check out the video and enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “My Favorite Local Hike: Seneca Creek & Spruce Knob, WV”

  1. I love hiking and I always make it a point to go to one whenever I am in a new place. Seneca Creek looks awesome! Must be nice to get a hike there on a wonderful sunny day with friends or loved ones. When do you think is the best month to visit?

  2. Wow that looks so amazing! I’ve only ever been to DC once and it was on an educational program so all I did was spend time in the government buildings and museums. I would love to go back and try this hike out. Especially in the fall! I’m from LA so we don’t have seasons haha

  3. I agree…the wonders of nature can be best enjoyed on foot. I also, think that is true for any travel. Walking really shows you things that you otherwise miss. 🙂

  4. This place is really a nice place to hike. I am not much of a hiker myself, but I can sure appreciate it. Never been to WV either, but I hope I get the opportunity to go!

  5. I’m very ignorant about American geography and morphology, so the only things that I associate with DC are the White House and United States Capitol in Washington. Then in my mind, there’s nothing around!!!
    I’m glad to see I’m wrong, I should come to US sooner or later, there are a lot of places I’d like to see.

  6. I have only spent a few days in the DC area, so I have not been able to explore the outer regions. I know that West Virginia is well known for its nature and adventure activities, though. This hike must be pretty awesome 🙂

  7. You always have such outdoorsy, adventurous posts and I love it. I haven’t heard about this West Virginia hike before, but it looks beautiful. Maybe something to add to the list next time I’m up in that area!

  8. I love reading your stuff! You always do the most adventurous hikes and treks! As always, this one looks like so much fun especially seeing the waterfalls!

  9. It is nice when there is good options nearby to enjoy the nature. We have a few of them here in Stockholm as well, but usually need to travel a bit further away for the best ones. Is there anything better than going out and no longer hearing the noise from the city?

  10. What lovely scenery to enjoy while being outdoors! We always travel with the kids and they love being outside. I personally enjoy hiking because it lends itself to great conversations. Just chatting while you walk and enjoy the great outdoors. We hope to make it to these trails one day!

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