I Hiked Bolivia’s Isla del Sol and Saw Gorgeous Landscapes

As part of my trip to Bolivia, I decided to spend sometime in Isla del Sol, which is a two hour boat right from Copacabana in Bolivia. The island does not have any means of transportation. You’ll have to go by foot via its walking trail that circles the island. Guesthouses abound the island so you can easily pick the one that suits you with amazing views from all directions. There’s no internet and the use of electricity is limited. It’s one special place for a serene experience where you can easily leave behind the usual chaotic pace of city life from the moment you first set foot on the island. Here are the views including the snow capped peaks of Cordillera Real and the stone ruins that I captured on my hike around the island. I’m still at awe at the beauty of this island even to this day. Enjoy!

To learn more on how to get to Isla del Sol, the accommodations, activities, etc. :  Click HERE

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11 thoughts on “I Hiked Bolivia’s Isla del Sol and Saw Gorgeous Landscapes”

  1. Amazing landscapes indeed. It is wonderful to hike when beauty surrounds you and everywhere you look the views are wonderful. And looks like the locals are enjoying a peaceful, simple life .

  2. Omg what a beautiful place! I’ve been there in my 6 months trip around South America! Your pictures remind me to that island in Titicaca Lake! Many things to explore, many things to learn about local people and why not, many things to know about Inca people and their constructions that are still visible! thanks for sharing this post and your nice pictures 😀

  3. Great pictures, looks like a very peaceful and charming place. I didnt have Bolivia so far on my bucket list, but this looks really cool. So I guess you can fully recommend Isla del Sol?

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