We’re glad you’re here!  This series is where you’ll find some of the best recommendations for places in the world to live in if your passion has to do with spending time in the mountains.  Our featured hiker’s paradise is: 


by Maja of Mexatia

Slovenia may be one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it is absolute heaven for hikers! The Alps, glacier lakes, and valley create beautiful sceneries a hiker can only dream about. When we decided to organize our first hiking trip, we were a bit skeptic because we were total beginners (with a small dog), but Slovenia proved us we were more than capable doing it. 


There are thousands of hiking trails, adjusted to all the levels so literally everybody can find something for themselves. If you are in the mood just for a walk around the lake, lake Bled is your perfect destination. If you feel a bit more adventurous, you can proceed to the Bohinj region and take a cable car up to Vogel mountain. There is plenty of mountain hiking trails, with spectacular views Triglav and the Julian Alps. They say every real Slovenian must climb Triglav, the highest peak of the country, during their lifetime.


In the same time but in the other part of the country, there are stunning Logar Valley and Robanov kot, two glacier valleys with plenty walking and hiking trails as well. They are perfect places to enjoy the nature without crowds and admire the views to the high alpine peaks. If you are picnic lover, your heart will be full as well – there are some cute picnic tables along the way.


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6 thoughts on “HIKER’S PARADISE: Slovenia”

  1. ooohh on my list. we are hoping to walk the Alpe-Adria trail (Alps to the Adriatic) takes you from Austria’s highest peak down through Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. Reading this makes me want to bump that trip up earlier!

  2. This post has now put Slovenia on my list to get to one day. Looks like an absolute jewel in Europe’s crown for people who love hiking. Just love the description and photos that clearly show what a find this is!

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