Why GHT?

Call me crazy.  But so is life.  One would think that after a year long worth of trekking and playing in the mountains I will have my fill of the trekking life.  Not so.  It is hard to imagine my life now without mountains.  I have insisted playfully as part of my explaining myself to outsiders that part of the reason why I am always out and about on a peak or a valley or anything that resembles a mountain is because, you know, I married the mountains.  As fate would have it, I feel like I am married to them because my life is either filled with the anticipation  of trekking one, the chance to recently hike one, or being on top of one.  If that’s not marriage, then I’m not sure what it is.

Just like any marriage, one would hope to find the ideal mate… the one that you can never get tired of.  One that you will love unconditionally no matter what.  The kind of a partner that just makes you feel connected with your true self and inspires you to expand spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  It so happens that after all these years of trekking around, I found myself deeply in love with the Himalayas.   Even moreso, I found myself unafraid to commit to being with the Himalayas for a very long time.  This leads me to my desire to complete the Great Himalaya Trail.  After experiencing the treks in Annapurna, Langtang and Everest regions, I have come to accept the fact that Nepal will always lure me back.  It just so happens GHT has a long list of regions that I would need to return to.  In that case, why not just trek the entire thing?   However, contrary to what most athletes and experienced hikers do, I wish to take my time in every region and immerse myself in the day to day lives of the locals.  Indeed, GHT is known as home to a number of diverse ethnic groups.  This aspect of GHT is deserving of more time devoted to getting to know the locals themselves.  In fact, my prior trekking experience along the GHT was partly frustrating for the reason that I didn’t have the time to just stay put and spend time in the villages to enjoy the simple mountain life and allow myself to get acquainted with the locals organically.  Now is my chance to do so.  Hence, GHT.

Brown Gal Trekker is a nomad at heart who survives the mountains to inspire others to trek them.