Grand Canyon’s Ribbon Falls


“The Grand Canyon is truly a natural wonder. Whether from gazing across its open vastness along its colorfully exposed strata rock and stone or by braving the sheer drop of nearly a mile down to follow the Colorado River’s meandering flow, the view from the rim can easily overwhelm one’s sense of scale, leaving a sense of awe and wonder in substitution. But that is just a mere hint of The Canyon’s potential to amaze. Getting up close and personal down below the rim is key to experiencing its diverse personality.

Ribbon Falls, located just below Cottonwood Campground about halfway down the North Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Campground, provides a well-timed and well-appreciated respite from the desert sun in the most fascinating way. The falls is hidden from the main trail along a short side canyon easily reached by a quick side trail. This side trail circles around into a tight grotto where a towering moss-carpeted mound of limestone makes its dramatic, scenic debut. And the source of that limestone deposit can be easily spotted spilling over an edge high above the enclosure, sourced from nearby Ribbon Falls Creek. The pool at the base of the mound is well worth a cool dip while a quick climb up alongside and over top the mound to the actual falls presents an enchanting view out into Grand Canyon backcountry. “

-Photo & Article by Aaron C.
As one of our fundraising treks for the non-profit, Trails Without Borders, Brown Gal Trekker and Peak Explorations will be organizing the classic rim to rim trek in the Grand Canyon in 2017.  To join, subscribe to our newsletter to find out how.   

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