Why Georgia?

Georgia kind of came up all of a sudden from nowhere.  But the idea became more solid when I got invited to see a documentary on mountain bikers on the trails of Kagbezi in Georgia at the 5point Film Festival.  The footage of the Caucasus mountain was spectacular.  My idea was to go to Ladakh in August of 2016 but given that one can basically spend months in the Ladakh region hiking and meditating, I figured with just about 2 weeks or so on the road, it is best to spend it on a smaller trekking place.  Georgia fit the bill and I even manage to book my flight using my miles.  With English not being widely spoken there, it will be a challenging journey.  I plan to hike in Svaneti, Kagbezi and Tusheti.  A couple of websites/blogs have been very useful thus far on planning the trip.  But to find an actual guide seems to be a challenge coming from overseas.  The research continues and with the non-profit, Trails Without Borders, already underway, I hope to do a detailed summary of my trip on the treks, villages and the tourism in this part of the world.

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