Don’t Date a Girl Who Treks


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Drakensberg in South Africa.

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She’s the girl with the uneven tanned body

Scorched skin from the rays of the sun from trekking the high passes.

She’s the girl with the high cut boots

And a pair of trekking poles that she depends her life on

She’s the girl who catches the sunrise and sunset

For either of them will suit her just fine.

Don’t date a girl who treks

For this means you wake up at some ungodly hour

and race your feet to the tops of the mountains.

God forbid if she misses the sun’s spectacle

You’ll see her purse her lips in utter disappointment

But fear not

Because as soon as she sees the majestic peaks before her eyes

She will smile again in no time

She’s the girl who knows her summits’ names

And their heights from sea level

Her favorite numbers are those that begin at 3000 and above

In meters to be exact

Don’t date a girl who treks

She will ask you where you are from

And feels a bit torn when you come from a place closer to sea level rather than a range

Don’t date a girl who treks

Because she will not want you to wine and dine her

But rather would desire more of your time

As she would have you hike with her in the middle of nowhere

All day and all night.

Don’t date a girl who treks

Her heart is already taken

By those named Himalayas, Andes, and Alps

Unless you are willing to join in her pursuits of them

Don’t date a girl who treks

She’s armed with gear you have not even heard of

Like her spot or go girl

And you must be curious to see how she uses them

Don’t date a girl who treks

She has her battle scars called blisters that she wouldn’t want you to notice

When strolling in flip flops on a beach

Don’t date a girl who treks

She will bask in the wilderness without a bed

Eating dehydrated food and trail bars

Find you appealing only when you can brave no shower for days

Don’t date a girl who treks

For her soul is already full

Of memories of peaks and summits

Really, you’re just there to take a photo of her on top of one

Don’t date a girl who treks

For her longing for mountains is constant

And you will hear an earful of it all the time

Don’t date a girl who treks

She loves to be present in the moment

Rushing is for the city life

While allowing time to pass by slowly reminds her of that freedom

Don’t date a girl who treks

For there will be no wild parties or hang overs

Just a meditative moment in the woods

Don’t date a girl who treks

She will eventually go off the beaten path

And you will have to be there to save her

In times when she needs a helping hand

Don’t date a girl who treks

For her sense of direction is via a trail map

Place her in a city and she’s lost

And you’ll be stranded in no time

Don’t date a girl who treks

For she lives life to the fullest

If you cannot catch up to her when she flies

Then don’t think she’d even shed a single tear

If you tell her goodbye

Don’t date a girl who treks

She will go exploring on her own when her heart so desires

And will only return to you when she finally misses you

Don’t date a girl who treks

She finds beauty in any situation

Even when the rain is pouring or the wind blowing too strong

Don’t date a girl who treks

For she finds purpose in hiking the tallest peaks

Even if it means risking her health

Or risking her life

Don’t date a girl who treks

For her creativity can take you to far off places that you never imagined wanting to go

In taking risks she finds a sense of aliveness

Be prepared to match her fearlessness

Don’t date a girl who treks

For beyond the layer of toughness

There is a heart full of love and longing

For someone like you to cross her path

To share her adventures with

And if you’re lucky enough to date a girl who treks

She will have you join in her world of trekking

You will marry the mountains like she did

And in  return

Her loving you is as honest as her passion for trekking

Your relationship will be treated as  holy as a pilgrim’s kora

She embraces challenges like it’s another summit to overcome

And every single day you will savor the sunrises and sunsets like they were your last

She will challenge your limits only to become better each day.

Don’t date a girl who treks

For she will make you live and appreciate an irregular life

And fill it with so much magic that you will never ever want to walk off trail without her by your side

By Brown Gal Trekker

me poem

*Dedicated to all solo (or otherwise) female trekkers of the world. *

Summiting Mt. Whitney in USA.


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58 thoughts on “Don’t Date a Girl Who Treks”

  1. I just love this blog! I’m a trekker, just got out of a 16 year relationship with a fellow trekker and happy solo now. Any guy who’d ever be interested in dating me, should read this <3 I'm sure they'd never understand my passion for the outdoors otherwise.

  2. Wow I didn’t know you’re such a talented poet! Lovely lovely lovely!

    “You’ll see her purse her lips in utter disappointment

    But fear not

    Because as soon as she sees the majestic peaks before her eyes

    She will smile again in no time”

  3. This is such a lovely poem, Marinel! I can definitely relate to this. My only wish is that I lived closer to mountains so I trek more regularly and not just when I travel somewhere with mountains.

  4. Wow, this is a beautiful poem. I am crazy about trekking and I decide where to go based on the trekking. I’ve never met anyone who enjoys it quite as much (other than on treks), so I’ve always done it alone, but it’s almost reassuring to know that others feel the same and appreciate the magic of it. I’d trek in my sleep if I could, so it really resonates.

  5. I always admire seeing you and your travels everywhere because I am a little wimp when it comes to stuff like this! I have seen some other versions like (don’t date a girl who travels) etc, but this is more like a poem. Awesome job!

  6. I am not a trekker myself, but I love to hike !
    And when I was in Ladakh, I wish I could have trekked !
    Hopefully one day 😉

  7. Amazing! What a wonderful piece, I love the rhythm, too – it sounds a bit like told while gasping. Beautiful. I love trekking but never had the guts to do it solo.

  8. Really nice! You have a wonderful way with words & as a girl who treks, I can definitely relate to much of this & it brought smiles to my face 🙂

    1. Thanks- there is nothing sad and shameful about doing things in life solo – a passion is meant to be lived! I hope it inspired you to feel full in future solo experiences. Cheers!

  9. this is just amazing! so many parts of this that I connect a lot with – especially the line “For her creativity can take you to far off places that you never imagined wanting to go”! you’re really good, thanks for sharing!

  10. What an amazing piece! I must confess I was a little scared by the title “not another don’t date a girl…” but it turned out to be amazing! great job!

    1. Thanks! It wasn’t my hope to repeat the same characterization under the same structure/style of writing. Glad it translated well.

  11. What a fantastic poem – I love that you’ve dedicated it to other trekkers! The biggest takeaway for me is that female trekkers have an incredibly adventurous spirit, hopefully everyone finds a partner to share this passion!

    1. I personally ran into solo female hikers/mountain trekkers and they are inspiring in their own unique way. So I hope they don’t ever feel the need to be with someone to do what they love.

  12. This is such a beautifully written post about female travel! I love the concept of the girl’s heart already being fulfilled by her love for travel! Your passion for travel definitely shines through <3

  13. I love this – it’s so different from any other travel blog posts that I’ve read! And it’s beautiful, I felt like you wrote it about me. I will have to show this to my boyfriend so he finally understands, because I haven’t been able to explain it as well yet. Thank you for your beautiful words, it’s nice to know someone else out there is exactly like me!

    1. It took me almost a decade to sit down and reflect but sometimes writing requires that much experience to finally pen it down in just a few words. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. I did hear there’s a need for content. I just started working on this blog 3-4 months and I am still learning. If you have tips on how to tap into being able to share content with others, let me know. The blogging world seems such an expansive place with so many avenues to take. If you have advise as to how best to navigate, I’m all ears! Feel free to share as well (ideally do let me know if you do). Thanks!

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