Women Trail Leaders

As a person who has spent over a decade of my adult life via the platform, Meetup.com, I have this perspective about trekking the mountains that’s unique to those who lead day hikes, multi-day treks and/or organizes them.   Not only do I see the world from a hiker’s standpoint, but also from someone who sees the challenges of how it’s like to play a leadership role for a group of trekkers.  As a meetup organizer, I learned most from the people in my group.  Some of the most inspirational pieces come from fellow hikers themselves as they define and continually redefine their experience with nature and mountain trekking.

In this section of the BGT Features, I focus on the female outdoor/trail leaders and their stories.  These are the women who lead outdoor activities and do the same activities as a hobby, as well as, those that do them on a professional basis, some of which I met on my journeys in Nepal, Malaysia, Mongolia among a few other amazing trails on earth.  Be prepared to be inspired as they exemplify the strongest, the most fearless and the most driven women on the trails.  As my social enterprise, Peak Explorations, is in the process of creating all-female treks to Nepal and Peru, this is a valuable page for all of us to learn more about the experiences and stories of women trail leaders worldwide.  Hopefully, if you’re thinking of leading the next outdoor activity, this series will inspire you to take that plunge and do it!


Rebecca of Hike Like a Woman

Marite Perez, Guide


Lezley & Summer of Fat Girls Hiking

Enjoylight Mafuwe, Kilimanjaro Porter

Chuluunchimeg Munkhjarga, Mongolia Guide

Rebecca  Coles, Guide

If you know of a woman who you feel should be featured, please send your suggestions to bgtrekker@peakexplorations.com.  Looking forward to meeting all the wonderful women trail leaders!  You’re what the world needs more of!

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