Outdoor Women’s Voices

As an extension of the piece, Don’t Date a Girl Who Treks, this is a page dedicated to promote women’s voices on the trails.  Whether you are a writer, a blogger or an outdoor enthusiast who wishes to share a personal trail story, poetry, photo or what not, this is your space.

In between, there will be interviews of the women themselves to learn more about their work, passion, dreams and love for the mountain trails.  It’s a simple concept with many variations to take.  Let’s jointly explore the world of trekking from the women’s perspective.


Andrea of Andy in the World

Jackie Currie

Jessica of Bravely Wild

Summer & Lezley of Fat Girls Hiking

Kaila & Wyatt

Magretha of Clueless Wanderer

Michelle of Walking Two by Two

Rebecca of Hike Like a Woman

Sarah D. Tiedemann

Upasana Ray

Victoria “Vix” Harris

Marite Perez

If you have a piece you wish to submit or someone you know who should be featured on this segment (including yourself), please contact Brown Gal Trekker via email: bgtrekker@peakexplorations.com

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