Trekking Has Taken Over My Life But I’m OkayWith It

I’m not going to deny it. Lack of time to do millions of things is akin to climbing up Mt. Etna’s high points. Tough and slow going.


I stopped dating.  It’s not because I’m jaded.  Neither is it about lack of options.  It’s just that I married the mountains.  

Let me explain what I mean.  By profession, I’m a lawyer.  But since June of 2016, I made a bold move in my life.  I obtained a business license and started running a social enterprise to market trekking tours globally. This decision took shape based on over 15 years of traveling whenever I could while still practicing law.  In the past decade, I discovered my passion for mountain trekking.  I’ve been hooked since the start, so much so, that I have decided to dedicate my life to running my business, Peak Explorations, and the non-profit, Trails Without Borders.  The icing on the cake is of course my blog, Brown Gal Trekker.

I say all this to explain to you how I balance my love for travel and trekking alongside my role as a lawyer.  It’s a given that I do my duty as an attorney in my office like I always have since I started 13 years ago.  Every minute of the day outside of that is spent on running my three enterprises.  The upside is that my enterprises allow me to hike and travel.  What’s great about this transition and marriage with the mountains is that any hiking trips I do is part-business and part-pleasure.  So, balancing between these two is a bit strange because I’m doing something as work which is also something I love simultaneously.  I can’t complain really.  It’s the best imaginable syncing of my passion and work that I can possibly conjure in my head.  The thought manifesting into its physical form is happening as we speak!

So, where is the balance?

On a more concrete level, I do allow a couple of weekends for hiking or trekking per month.  I have 2-3 major treks I schedule a year that amount to 4-6 weeks of being with nature on the mountain trails.  I also do yoga at least three times a week and running at least twice a week.  These things are part of my regimen as the CEO of Peak Explorations since on some occasions I’ll be trekking up mountains alongside my clients.  The most relevant means of maintaining balance in my life, however, is to shut my brain and let it rest for sometime. I do this best by meditating which include sitting in a quiet room, dancing, taking a drive or hiking on a nearby trail.  All the rest your brain gets is so important especially when you spend significant time on social media to market and share your thoughts, let alone the amount of time you spend writing and creating.

Ah, this so-called balance can be elusive!  I must admit I’m still trying to learn the best way to balance my life given the new marriage I got myself into.  Right now, due to the newness of my being an entrepreneur and the experience of blogging, I am embracing the need for me to spend considerable time to establish the foundation for my three enterprises.  Interwoven among these three endeavors is my best effort to continue hiking and traveling.  However, as daunting as this task may seem, one fundamental thing I learned is to listen to that inner voice in me.  If I have to devote more time away from work, then that voice within will tell me so.  My job then is to listen.  When I do, my effort to find balance becomes easier.  So yes, I’ve yet to return to the dating scene which is unlikely to happen for a while.  Maybe my passion for trekking has taken over my life, but at least it’s of my own choosing.  Hence, life is as balanced as it’ll get only for now especially when what I do every minute is filled with joy and love.

…Which leads me to say this,

Regardless of the extent in which the outdoors plays a role in your life, there is such thing as overdoing it.  So, make sure to find the kind of balance that suits you.

And, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, just remember:

The experience of transitioning into a life filled with more freedom and a job that is based solely on my terms is analogous to climbing that last bit of summit.  It’s tough and slow going.  More likely than not, you’ll have to make certain sacrifices along the way, but the rewards you get from the views on top are vast and life changing.  I know it’s physically exhausting but I also have to admit that working towards my dreams fills my soul with so much ease and satisfaction that were foreign to me prior to taking this leap of faith.  With that in mind, I trudge along full speed ahead knowing that it’ll all be worth it in the end.

The views can only get better as you get higher. Keep on trekking – on the trail to Mt. Whitney (USA).


Brown Gal Trekker is a nomad at heart who survives the mountains to inspire others to trek them.