This section of my blog is dedicated to personally written journals pertaining to a life that I have created recently, one that is “off the beaten path” off trail, that is.  It’s greatly in reference to the article, She Becomes a Judge and I Become a Mountain Nomad.  After a one year sabbatical break from my legal career, I came back with a confused state of mind, only to learn later on that was just part of the process of finding my own true path.

I decided to clean up a few things – first, the 3 bedroom house had to go and so I sold it within 4 months and moved into a 400 square foot apartment.  In the process, I learned to minimize my possessions drastically.  It was a very detailed process but once completed, my entire life changed.  My energy level skyrocketed and just 3 months later, I launched my social enterprise, Peak Explorations. You can hear more about some wisdom I gained from my time away by reading, Trekking Made Me Lose Things to Gain More.

As you would suspect, most of the writings here are documentation of my almost daily thoughts about paving my path towards the life I have chosen to create, one that’s free from pressures of family, friends, and society in general.  Yes, I meant it when I said I just wish to trek mountains all over the world.  Why, not?   And with my two enterprises underway, there’s no more reason for me to backtrack to that old thinking.   Both will be the ticket to the life of freedom I  finally had the guts to face as my future aspiration. Hence,

Freedompreneur was born.

So, cheers to taking risks and creating your own path to sustain a life that is filled with your own definition of freedom.  It’s scary as hell but I have this premonition that it’ll all be worth it in the end.  One great thing about the blogging world is I found out there are numerous crazy people out there like me who have taken a leap of faith. Live outside the box.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Just be you.  So, friends, stay tuned.  Let’s see where the universe will take me.  With fear booted to the curb, there’s no stopping the momentum.  I’m all there with the universe and beyond.

BGT PROJECT: Interviews with Freedompreneurs

As a way to inspire myself and further my movement towards freedom, this page will also feature my interviews with people who are redefining their own freedom that allows them to spend more time in the outdoors or on the road.  They’re the outsiders, freedom-seekers and creative explorers all rolled into one.  They maybe in the process or have quit their 9 to 5 jobs to jump into the abyss of a traveling lifestyle, or more appropriately – to pursue their love for the outdoors.    Or, they somehow manage to keep their regular jobs but at the same time involved in enterprises that advance their passion for trekking, traveling and/or the outdoors. This is where they share their stories to inspire the world.

Freedompreneurs Features

Anjali of LitmoLife

Cory of You Could Travel

Danielle of WorldSmith

Jacob of IntroverTravels

Mayra of Crossing Lines, Finding Love

Alex & Sebastiaan of Lost With Purpose

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