The Mountain Speaks


How powerful are mountains?  You might ask.

It can make you yearn for that long lost love

And yet fate won’t allow you to get anywhere to be with her

The fraction of a glimpse of that peak

Just makes you crumble until you fall down your feet

Did you hear that?

The avalanche right in front of you

It instills fear and joy at the same time

And yet you struggle to appreciate the now

So tell me

How many times must the rain fall down on you?

Before you dance in it?

How much more thunder do you need to hear

Blasting in your ear

Before you hear the mighty roar of life?

Don’t refrain from opening your senses

Not when you are walking those trails

Because any moment that you miss a sign

You miss the pathway to where you need to be

That summit is always waiting for you, you see

But you won’t get there ever

If you’re in a rush

It wants you to take slower steps

And touch every element that soothes your soul

And then, when you least expect it

You will be there

On top of the world

You already are

Before your eyes

The mountain speaks

Brown Gal Trekker is a nomad at heart who survives the mountains to inspire others to trek them.