It doesn’t matter now

Does it?

That I have overcome the highest of the high

and the lowest of the low

And yet I am left standing still

At the starting point of it all

Those beautiful glaciers

atop your mountain

and the mysterious fragile essence

that you exude

as I worked myself to enjoy your splendor


From the start I knew it was just a dream

Which I never did want to wake up from

On that day when such tears fell down

You whispered softly to me

“You’re alive.”

My used to be dainty clothes

Have been soaked in sweat and tears

The joy you brought to my life is immeasurable

and everlasting

The journey you put me through

Recreated who I am now

And on that very last day that I gazed at your captivating beauty

I knew right there and then

There was no parting between us

Memories of you will linger

Now and always.

Brown Gal Trekker is a nomad at heart who survives the mountains to inspire others to trek them.