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“If you are faced with a mountain, you have several options. You can climb it and cross to the other side. You can go around it. You can dig under it. You can fly over it. You can blow it up. You can ignore it and pretend it’s not there. You can turn around and go back the way you came. Or you can stay on the mountain and make it your home.”

                                                 – Vera Nazarian

Welcome to the world of mountain trekking!  I focus on mountains, some beaches and hardly cities (but at times I do talk about them).  Why mountains?  Because I am seriously convinced they are magical.  That’s just the start of a list of adjectives I can use.  Not only is trekking a great asset to your health, but doing it cleanses your mind and soul.  Experience, however, is the best teacher so you don’t really need to take my word for it.  Just try a hike for yourself so you can understand what this all means, combined with the prescription drug, Nature:

So, there are many blogs out there for good reasons. Who am I?  For a full story on Brown Gal Trekker, read Who is Brown Gal Trekker and Why the Mountains?

Why am I here?  I have a few goals.  Here are some of them:

  • To inspire and support solo trekkers, especially women.
  • To explore and write about off the beaten mountain trails globally.
  • To talk about controversial topics and innovative ideas in the trekking and traveling world.
  • To support my two enterprises’ missions – Peak Explorations and Trails Without Borders – see more about them below.
  • To trek the entire length of the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal and document the experiences on meeting the locals and seeing the mountain peaks via blog, book publication and/or film.

On a more general note, this trek/travel blog site is continuously evolving.  It is meant to capture the experiences I have had worldwide in the hopes that they can inspire and help others navigate their own travel and mountain trekking journeys, especially those who aspire to go trekking solo!  I have been traveling/trekking for over 16 years (may be even longer).  I followed the crowd and started a career in the legal field but after more than 10 years of a career in a bustling city, I have decided to shift gears and focus on my passion – trekking mountains and sharing the experience with others via blog, but equally important, by taking people with me on my adventures!



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So, to get people to trek, I established a Trekking/Adventure Travel social enterprise called Peak Explorations that will take people to various trekking trails worldwide including those that are located in remote corners of the world.  Its focus will be on the authenticity of experiencing the local life, traveling on a shoestring budget and supporting local tourism, all at the same time.  Take it as trekking to create a difference.   While at it, PE will be scouting lesser known trails in order to help support the local tourism and economy while western travelers discover the beauty of lesser known paths.

Take, for instance, the Republic of Georgia.  PE has been fortunate to spend time there and with the help of Independent Traveler, we have been able to promote the local trekking tourism in that part of the world given that oftentimes the potential for it to be a hub for foreigners to visit is overlooked because of the lack of information on Georgia’s tourism.   So far, Peak Explorations has treks to Nepal, Tanzania, and Peru.   Future scouting trips include the lesser known trails in India, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, among others.   BGT intends to write about the experience and continue to promote these places so that the locals can benefit from tourism.


To further enhance my mission, Peak Explorations will be working in conjunction with various non-profit organizations including the one I co-founded with a fellow mountain-fanatic friend of mine.  Our non-profit organization, Trails Without Borders, is in the works, as we speak.  TWB’s mission is to support social projects in remote or rural mountain regions worldwide where climbing and trekking are prominent activities.   We are currently working on funding a school near K2 Base Camp in Pakistan along with promoting tourism in lesser known trekking destinations to help the local economy.  Check out TWB’s website for more information.  If you wish to get involved, we would love you on board!  It’s a huge endeavor and your help will be appreciated.

Who is Brown Gal Trekker (on a more personal level)?


I’m really just a girl who loves her mountains. A legal advocate by society’s standard.  But a girl who simply craves the simplicity of life.

I don’t work for money.  But for freedom.

I argue because I am passionate about certain people’s rights.  But I am silent oftentimes.

I’m introverted by heart.  But I am expressive as dictated by my zodiac sign.

I’m wise.  But learning from mistakes is my strength.

I love adventures. But I enjoy it more when I witness others indulge in adventures for the first time.

I am brown by race but more so when the sun touches my skin.   That only means one thing – I trekked to my heart’s content.

More about BGT can be found in a piece that is published on Dave’s Travel Corner & Huffington Post:

Don’t Date a Girl Who Treks




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Brown Gal Trekker is a nomad at heart who survives the mountains to inspire others to trek them.