About the Page


This trek/travel blog site is continuously evolving.  It is meant to capture the experiences I have had worldwide in the hopes that they can inspire and help others navigate their own travel and trekking journeys.

Currently, I am in the midst of forming a Trekking/Adventure Travel Company that will take people to various trekking trails worldwide which include those that are located in remote corners of the world.  Its focus will be on the authenticity of experiencing the local life, traveling on a shoestring budget and supporting local tourism.

At the same time, the company will be working in conjunction with various non-profit organizations including the one I co-founded with a fellow mountain-fanatic friend of mine.  Our non-profit organization, Trails Without Borders, is in the works as we speak.  TWB’s mission is to support social projects in remote or rural mountain regions worldwide where climbing or trekking are prominent activities.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Who is Brown Gal Trekker?


I’m really just a girl who loves her mountains. A legal advocate by society’s standard.  But a girl who simply craves the simplicity of life.

I don’t work for money.  But for freedom.

I argue because I am passionate about certain people’s rights.  But I am silent oftentimes.

I’m introverted by heart.  But I am expressive as dictated by my zodiac sign.

I’m wise.  But learning from mistakes is my strength.

I love adventures. But I enjoy it more when I witness others indulge in adventures for the first time.

I am brown by race but more so when the sun touches my skin.   That only means one thing – I trekked to my heart’s content.

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