Finding Yourself in Travels

When you get enough time on the road by yourself, you get to treat yourself to daydreaming, fantasizing, self-introspection, and most importantly, pondering life’s toughest questions.

And, here are some of the ideas, epiphanies and lessons that came by my way in a very random order.  The list will keep growing as time goes.

– Once upon a time my goal was to get married.  Now, my goal is to be happy. I raised the standard.
– I’d rather see you rise and shine when you’re most afraid than when you are at your bravest moment.
– Our lives are defined by moments, not people.  That’s why you should never take people’s words or actions personally.  Neither should you get 100% attached to someone.
– It’s good to know if you’re afraid of love.  It’s better to know the reason why. But then it’s Friday, I’m in love and I have no reason for that.
– Love is blind oftentimes; self-love is there to give you eyesight.
– I’d rather be imperfect and be loved as opposed to being perfect without love.
– Never lose two things when you get into a new romance: yourself and your friends, as they will save you when your new romance ends.
– I don’t go for the fastest, the highest or the hardest.  I go where my heart is moved the most for it’s how we felt at the moment, not what we accomplished, that will live with us for the rest of our lives.
– We can make a choice to turn our lives into an adventure.  The starting point is to find the inspiration to do so.
– We are all waiting for something or someone.  Don’t let the waiting period drag you down.  It’s the suffering that makes the prize much sweeter.
– There is no better gift to your romantic partner than loving yourself first.
– The more you master letting go and saying goodbye, the easier it is to open your heart to others and experience each moment with a fellow human wholeheartedly.  So, don’t fear saying goodbye even if it requires shedding tears and feeling enormous pain.
– People come and go as you turn the chapters of your life.  Staying permanently is merely an option so be grateful if some do stick around.
– We attract what we put out there.  Hence, keep your soul beautiful.
– Ego is the worse motivation for any endeavor.
– A fellow human is a tool for personal growth.  Use him to learn but never force him to be someone he’s not.
– Find a partner who complements and inspires you; not one that simply fills the void.  Filling the void is your job, not his/hers.
– A person’s character is the cornerstone of real beauty.
– Happiness comes easy when you remind yourself of the good things you have in life.
– Living is a privilege, not an entitlement.
– Find “your” peeps and never let them go.
– I don’t aim for perfection; I’d rather aim to learn.
– Get rid of expectations as best as you can so you can see more of what a person is truly made of.
– My spirit died once, but never again.
– Some humans enter our lives temporarily to show a reflection of ourselves at that very moment in time.  Don’t ever pass up that opportunity to glance at the mirror to see how your soul is doing.
– The biggest experiment is yourself.  You dissect it, analyze it, mold it, change it and in the end hopefully you come up with a better theory of what you’re about.
– It’s relevant in life to learn to respect boundaries, be it physical or emotional in nature for oftentimes lack of boundary can ruin significant personal ties.
– I would prefer to be alone than feel lonely with a significant other.
– Jealousy is the greatest form of flattery.  That means you’re doing something right.
– Don’t base my courage on the amount and frequency of my tears; but rather pay attention to the number of times I keep moving forward and making something magical out of an experience that is so extraordinarily painful.
– I haven’t given up on love.  It’s just that a goodhearted man who has found true love with himself is a rare kind of soul.
– You don’t dive into a relationship to change each other.  You enter a relationship because all the work has already been done by both parties to be the best versions of themselves.
– Indeed, my parents taught me significant life lessons, both good and bad, but I take it from here how I define my own happiness.
– We long for adventures because they fill our soul with meaning through lessons we learn along the way.
– Traveling is timeless, be it in the physical, emotional and mental sense.  Even with limited physical capacity in my old age, I will easily revisit the places I’ve been through so-called memories just to find myself falling in love with them all over again


-There is no such thing as a goodbye; just a flow of life so there is always something gained, not lost.



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